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Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord
68°13'N, 32°05'W

The Kangerdlugssuaq and Sermilik (Helheim) fjords host the terminations of two major accelerating glaciers from south Greenland, and previous studies have shown a direct influence of Atlantic waters on the melting of the ice sheet. These sites represent the “southern” end members in our holistic approach to studying the melting of Greenland ice cap and ice-ocean interactions.

The Gunnbjørn feld and Schweizerland range in the vicinity of these two fjords are among the highest mountains in Greenland, and also represent major opportunities to obtain good ice cores that may provide important information about past regional climatic fluctuations. Visiting these two sites will also provide the opportunity to carry out biodiversity/chemistry surveys along both altitude and coast to land gradients.


Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord (@ Google Earth, click on image for higher resolution)