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Photo by Saskia Gindraux
Photo by Saskia Gindraux


What is GLACE 4 Kids?

GLACE 4 Kids is a free educational program available to teachers, parents or any curious person, and is intended for students between the age of 6 and 13. The program describes the GLACE science expedition, covers scientific topics and is an introduction to the polar areas. GLACE 4 Kids is available in French, German and English.


What does this program contain?

Each week we report about GLACE in a different format. We tell stories, conduct interviews and prepare classroom activities on topics specific to the Arctic, to expeditions or to science. The reports are presented in a variety of text, photos, videos and audio recordings. During the expedition, from late July to late September 2019, news will also be transmitted live from the ship, and the students will have the opportunity to follow them on this site and on social networks.


A program for kids!

GLACE 4 Kids can be used by anyone who wants to introduce children to the polar environment, show them the basics of a scientific expedition and communicate on simple scientific topics. The content can be freely used and adapted by the teachers. It is also possible for a GLACE 4 Kids instructor, who participated in the expedition, to come to the classroom to tell about the expedition and answer all of your questions!


The instructors

Saskia and Paul are the instructors working with the Swiss Polar Institute to create GLACE 4 Kids. Saskia is a scientist with expertise in glaciology and Paul is a teacher specialized in polar regions. They are preparing unique content directly from the Arctic, together with a group of teachers.



GLACE 4 Kids is in preparation! The “live News” will be broadcast shortly before the expedition starts in late July. The educational content will be available online in early September. You can already register to take part in this program and to receive all the details about GLACE 4 Kids.

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