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Photo by Konrad Steffen @ WSL
Photo by Konrad Steffen @ WSL

Getting ready – first meeting of the scientific project leaders

February 7 2019 2:00 pm By GLACE Expedition

Which project uses which instruments? How many helicopter rides does it take to transport a project team to a research site at the back of a fjord? What synergies can we gain with good cooperation? What are the safety requirements for each project? Those and many other questions are being discussed and answered at the first meeting of the principal investigators in early February at the Swiss Polar Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Two densely packed days of developing the scientific programme and the expedition logistics.

In less than half a year the research vessel Akademik Tryoshnikov will leave the port of Kiel in Germany to begin its voyage around Greenland. On board will be 44 scientists, working on 15 different projects from a wide variety of fields. A principal investigator, the PI, leads each project; six of the 15 PIs are from a Swiss research institution. On 7 and 8 February 2019, the PIs meet in Lausanne, together with the management and organisation team from GLACE, for two densely packed days of developing the scientific programme and the expedition logistics. The PIs get details on the cruise plan, they explore synergies and collaboration between their different projects, they discuss about the vessel and the further support structure, such as helicopters, zodiacs and laboratories, get introduced to the media work for GLACE, and get briefed about the necessary preparations, health checks and safety procedures. In breakout sessions, the logistic demands and scientific ideas are discussed among the PIs and the handling of the data as well as the IT possibilities get explained.


Front image by Konrad Steffen @ WSL


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